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Gardant Global represents leading companies in distinct businesses by providing strategic planning, budgeting, market capture, client awareness and revenue generation. The Gardant Global principals have significant experience and expertise in market pursuit, sales strategy, opportunity capture and general business development. Having led strategic revenue growth for some of the largest technology, logistics and systems companies on a global basis, Gardant Global will assign the right person to your business needs thus minimizing the learning curve while maximizing the overall effectiveness of your investment. Our flexible and firm fixed price compensation model is predicated on success and provides our clientele the benefit of results based business strategy development.

Gardant Global has operational oversight of Gardant Technologies, Inc., a Florida based HUB Zone (Pending) small business formed in 2006. Gardant Technologies is a leading provider of readiness solutions for government and industry in the areas of Information Management, Technology, Management Consulting and Training.

Gardant Technologies is focused on providing leading edge strategy and management consulting delivered by Certified Information Professionals (CIP), Six Sigma and many other disciplines supporting efforts in the areas of Compliance, Healthcare Information Management, Social Media Management and all aspects of supporting technology including content management, translation, customer and citizen service, contact center operations, voice recognition and networking solutions including security.

The Gardant Technologies Management staff is comprised of recognized personnel from the government, technology and commercial sectors that are committed to consistency of delivery, educated in process improvement methodologies including Lean Six Sigma, and provide thought and operational leadership in aspects that include Program Management, Personnel Augmentation, Research and Development, Strategy Development, Technology and Training.

The Gardant Global organization provides investment and investment advice for both sides of the equation. As a well respected partner of a number of boutique investment banking firms, Gardant Global offers the venture community an educated independent third party capable of evaluating technology, service and product offerings, validating the solution, the business model and sales strategy. Additionally, as an equity holder in a number of independent initiatives Gardant Global represents real world capital acquisition for both established and start-up ventures. Our focus is in companies that touch government, transportation, healthcare and/or technology.

Our Vision: Gardant provides strategic planning, budgeting, market capture, client awareness and revenue generation.