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Some of the Gardant Global Deliverables


To create company/client awareness in the government marketplace, to secure teaming relationships with established corporations and prime contractors, to establish contract mechanisms for securing government taskings and to provide complete outsourced business development. The standard statement of work that Gardant Global provides to its Strategy Clients includes the following activities:

General Business Strategy Support Activities

  1. Develop strategic plans and documents
  2. Evaluate Client business models
  3. Support strategic activities

Pursuit Activities

  • Set up marketing meetings for Client to present capabilities.
  • Set up presentations for Client’s technical staff to present technology capabilities.
  • Identification of key Government personnel involved and responsible for requirements.

Qualification Activities

  • Provide program details to allow Client to compare program to core Client competencies.
  • Find opportunities where existing company contractual vehicles can be used.
  • Identify potential areas where Client needs additional support.
  • Identify key incumbent staff and program management personnel.

Capture Activities

  • Identify additional consultants as required to support technical and strategic objectives.
  • Identify prime contractors to team with.
  • Develop teaming strategies/Interview teaming partners.
  • Coordinate transition of key incumbent staff and program management personnel.

Proposal Response Activities

  • Provide written feedback and input on various versions (yellow ,red team, etc.) of proposals.

Provide Ad Hoc Updates Via Email or Teleconference:

The updates shall, at a minimum, contain the following:

  • Information on new procurement opportunities
  • Status of procurement opportunities
  • Changes in any information previously submitted

Gardant Global will provide direction and focus for clients using the following three channels for Business Growth:

  • Existing Clients / Agencies
  • New Markets/Agencies
  • Partners / Prime / Contractors / Other

Additionally, Gardant Global will work with clients to create a three tiered pipeline consistent with the following:

  • Short Term Opportunities
  • Near Term Opportunities
  • Long Term Strategic Opportunities